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Coping with difficult emotions may involve mending the broken relationships or setting and enforcing boundaries with loved ones and colleagues.

People sometimes use the term ‘mental health’ to mean the absence of mental disorders. However, mental health refers to a cognitive, behavioural and emotional state of well-being. It affects three prevalent aspects such as our daily living, relationships and physical health.

So what are these factors that may contribute to mental health disruptions? Our daily interactions, financial circumstances and situations, surroundings and lifestyle choices can shape ones mental health. Trauma, Bereavement, Stress, Poverty, Stigma and discrimination, Social Isolation, Physical Health conditions and Abuse are likely to be experienced by all of us. Psychological disorders are rooted in our experiences.

So, where am I going with this? Never ignore anything that triggers your emotions. Help is always available.


Published by Official Hapa Kenya

HIV and AIDS PEOPLE ALLIANCE of KENYA ( HAPA KENYA) is a community-based organization set up to attend to the sexual reproductive health needs and well being of the MSM/MSW AND Transgender community. Our blog focuses on updates on the impact and progress of Hapa Kenya to the community through a creative and artistic lense. Most of the content is gathered from our beneficiaries.

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