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A cry for help will only be for guidance. Help me for this day i go out to the world naked and alone with nothing much but a vision. Guide me towards the right path that will enable me to fulfill my vision.

I ask not for gold, silver or diamonds but for help to give hope to those in need of a promise. With my ability i strive, with my capacity i ssek opportunities to bring forth this change.

My people deserve so much more. My people long for a world of truth, love, acceptance and justice. Teach me how to hunt with words, teach me how to prosper with love, provide for me so that i may share, protect me even when i dare; to be nothing short of brave.

Confront me with fear that will temper my spirit yet endow me we courage to overcome those fears. Shower me with gladness and empower me to inspire my self and others that will walk with me.

Favor me with alertness to recognize opportunities and endow me with strength never to give up. Bath me with good habits and keep me humbled to the cause.

The white doves and the ribbon let them bring hope back into the lives of my people.


Published by Official Hapa Kenya

HIV and AIDS PEOPLE ALLIANCE of KENYA ( HAPA KENYA) is a community-based organization set up to attend to the sexual reproductive health needs and well being of the MSM/MSW AND Transgender community. Our blog focuses on updates on the impact and progress of Hapa Kenya to the community through a creative and artistic lense. Most of the content is gathered from our beneficiaries.

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