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Coping with difficult emotions may involve mending the broken relationships or setting and enforcing boundaries with loved ones and colleagues. People sometimes use the term ‘mental health’ to mean the absence of mental disorders. However, mental health refers to a cognitive, behavioural and emotional state of well-being. It affects three prevalent aspects such as our…


Clearly, he didn’t have to take his own life, I wish he knew living with HIV is not a death sentence. However, living with stigma and discrimination is. Maybe that’s why he did it, took the easy way out. But is suicide the easy way out? A healthy diet, adherence to medicine and a great…


“I am sorry, I do not understand. You had said you are doing better. What I have left of you now, sadly it is only a letter. The ink on paper, written and my heart breaks. It is forever now that you are gone and I wish we had more time, we could have done…

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